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GraphQL is a modern API language for cloud applications.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. Originally developed by Facebook for their own applications, it was designed from the ground up to meet the data requirements of modern, massively distributed applications that produce and consume rich, deeply interconnected data over great - and more importantly, not-so-great - Internet connections.

To the client-side developer, GraphQL feels a bit like SQL in that you are in full control of the data. In a single API call, you receive all the information that you asked for - and nothing more. If your app prints just a few lines of information on the phone screen, unnecessary fields and records are not there to waste bandwidth.

In contrast, REST based APIs tend to get chatty; they often require several roundtrips just to satisfy the data needs of a single application screen. To compensate, many REST APIs include a bunch of related data items in a response - in the blind hope that an application might find use for some of them. 

GraphQL APIs are strongly typed, with mandatory schema introspection capabilities. This means that API documentation comes free of charge, and is constantly in sync with the actual API. 

Awesome open source tools like graphiql and mocking tools make GraphQL APIs visually discoverable from the very beginning of the development cycle, allowing client and service teams to handle their respective projects in a highly decoupled and productive manner from the get-go.

GraphQL APIs are intended to evolve in a version-less manner, so that they can seamlessly provide service to a set of heterogenous client applications that may each span tens or hundreds of supported builds over time.

While this is not a trivial or automatic feat to accomplish, with proper planning it lays an incredible foundation for continued innovation. Those familiar with supporting versioned REST APIs understand the pains that go with rolling out new API versions against a large installed client application base.

GraphQL is picking up steam - quickly. Thousands of companies, small to large are already investing in GraphQL to unlock new service capabilities, better developer experiences, increased cost effectiveness - and to stay ahead of competitors.

We firmly believe that 2017 is shaping up to be the year when GraphQL goes mainstream. If your business is empowered by APIs, you should be evaluating GraphQL.

We are not a builder of mobile apps (even though we partner with some great folks who are).

What we do offer, however, is help in architecting your apps around modern OSS frameworks such as React, Angular2, Relay - and tooling like Webpack, Gulp, CI/CD integration etc.

Odds are, there's a treasure trove of valuable data - and new business opportunity - locked away in your IT systems.

GraphQL is an ideal technology for exposing silos of data to internal and external stakeholders in a coherent, easy to use fashion.

Just when everyone got used to Dockerized apps, turns out there's a new(er) kid on the block.


We can help you deploy and run your GraphQL APIs on AWS Lambda - and soon on Google or Azure - for agile, elastic and cost-efficient cloud service capabilities.

Service Integration

Service oriented architectures and microservices are gaining ground rapidly. 

We'll help you orchestrate the use of internal and external cloud services into coherent and robust service offerings. 

API migration

We can help you craft and execute a gameplan for extending - and possibly replacing - your existing REST APIs with powerful GraphQL based endpoints.

App Architecture

Designing road maps, data models and operations for expressive APIs is what we do.

Although we label ourselves as GraphQL converts, our pedigree is rooted in years of work with RESTful APIs.

API design

Skydom offers a range of tailored professional services to our cloud-faring customers. While each assignment starts and ends with the unique needs of the mission on hand, here's a bird's-eye view of our focal areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a talk about your needs, our services or partnership opportunities.

Skydom is a band of craftsmen. A small group of seasoned tech heads passionate about the stuff that powers the Internet. 

We specialize in cloud APIs and backend technologies. But we deeply enjoy immersing ourselves in the worlds of our customers across various industries. 

We are pioneers. We love doing the new - and we recognize that this often means an idea's viability needs to be demonstrated before it's time to go all in. 

We thrive in proof-of-concept work that aims to refine a promising idea fast and cost-efficiently, prior to a full investment into a novel frontier..

Most of all, we are problem solvers. Nearly any worthwhile endeavor involves dealing with the unforeseen - be it a revised mission goals, technology changes or an organizational learning experience.

We pride ourselves in  enjoying the choppy waters.


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